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Na’tsa’maht Indigenous Education

At WestShore, the Indigenous Education team commits to working with Indigenous students and all students in an accountable way in order to nurture, support, mentor, and teach students to take pride in their cultures, histories, and traditions. The programs and services are intended to boost achievement, engagement, deepen the understanding of Indigenous perspectives and consent already being offered in the curriculum. WestShore staff is committed to Truth and Reconciliation in our daily personal and professional lives!

Our Team:

Gillian LeRose – Na’Tsa’Maht Indigenous Education and ESD Teacher: Colwood & Sooke campuses: glerose@sd62.bc.ca

Elder in Residence – Elder Earl Claxton Jr. W̱SÁNEĆ First Nation




HÍSW̱ḴE / Hych’ka    Kleco Kleco /  ƛ̓ekoo ƛ̓ekoo!     Gilakas’la    Marsee    Thank you